A Cardano Staking Operation.

ITN participant. Shelley Testnet pioneer. Joined Shelley mainnet at launch. Minted blocks in every epoch.

We are committed to operating reliable infrastructure to support the Cardano network as a whole.

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    Pledge: 2.000.000 ADA.

    Margin: 1.50%*
    (+ smallest possible operational fee)
    Pool Id:

  • TICKER: TITAN (#2)

    Pledge: 1.000.000 ADA.

    Margin: 1.00%
    (+ smallest possible operational fee)
    Pool Id:

  • Worldwide Network of Relays

    We maintain a worldwide network of relay nodes to strengthen the Cardano network as a whole. Our relays are well connected to other reliable pool operators.

  • Long Term Commitment

    We pledge 3.00mio ADA in total to TITAN.

    This pledge is temporary though. We are currently developing a Cardano wallet, which will be financed by a private pool, which will get most of our pledge.

    250.000 ADA will remain in TITAN #1 once that feature goes online.

*Eg. if you stake 10.000 ADA a 1.00% pool margin results in 5 ADA fee per year (based on a 5.00% ROS per year).
You will still earn 495 ADA per year.
A price worth paying for reliable block production and reliable rewards.